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Every small Business needs an online presence

Why do you need a website? 

Surveys show that 81% of buyers research a business or service online before making the purchase decision. This alone should help with the decision.

A website adds instant credibility to a business of any size.

Websites offer a great starting point to get your marketing message across.  It can save time and effort in the communication process with your customers. 

It is not as hard or expensive as you may think. Check out our price page for detail of how to get online easily and cheaply.

E-commerce Addons

Why does my business need an online shop?

It is not as expensive as you may thing to get a professional online shop presence. Check out our price guide below.

Here are some of the reasons an e-commerce site is vital for small businesses in these troubling times.

The right tools for the job

WordPress WooCommerce
Elementor #

WordPress is the most commonly used content management system on the web. there is the reason for this. It is super flexible with thousands of plugins and themes available.

Sell online with WooComerce the fully customizable, open source eCommerce platform built for WordPress.

Elementor is the No. 1 WordPress page builder. IT contains many different widgets (Small page elements) that can be added together to create the complete webpages. 

Web design examples